Tentative Title “The Age of HumanIty’s Awareness of Scientific Unity”

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Tentative Title “The Age of HumanIty’s Awareness of Scientific Unity”

The question is coming again…

Q: Marth always says, “If humanity doesn’t wake up to scientific unity, this world will surely perish.” I’m very interested in that. Could you tell me?

I received a question.

What about you guys? This, fight, fight, killing, betrayal, deceit, resentment and hatred for thousands of years of ancestry, such human beings have been trying to destroy others. our world.


If we don’t know the scientific unity, don’t learn, and don’t realize, will the world continue?

I am the one that all human beings are connected scientifically and elementary particles all together only now, and the person who did the way of life which shifted from there will be destroyed without fail. There’s always a big message to wake up. a painful message It can be terrible. That’s how I’ve been telling you.


Originally, human beings are a scientific fact based on reality. I think we have to live in reality.

It is all connected and united, and heaven against its separation, all things may be called God, but good, no, i don’t think so. The god who is one, the elementary particle which is one is the one, and the elementary particle which is one is all things, all things, and all things, and may be called what, but the one which is the one is warned the part which is not the one. I was supposed to be the one, the ego.

In short, it is really examined, researched, and the human race learns that, and tries to destroy others or to destroy others only when it learns, and it notices it, and such people who are beaten hate, hate, and resent for thousands of years. I’ll retaliate against it again, and i’ll avenge it again. If we continue to do this, the human race with such enormous power will perish.


In that battle, there is no happiness or bliss in the separation, and unless we are truly aware that we human beings are happy and bliss, and our children learn love, one piece, learn that scientifically it is true, and we win or become great unless we are scientifically united. Moreover, when the grudge is returned, it hates, and others are destroyed, it does not feel that it is necessary to know only now that a beautiful future, a dear future, and a wonderful world never come.


People all over the world are confused now, and how wonderful a world has become.

It’s when everyone feels it.


I say. That all human beings will learn one, learn love, be one, be scientifically so, and be destroyed, messages come, and be painful if they do not live from there.

There is no bliss, there is no happiness. We must learn that we can all join forces to create a world of love, a wonderful world, a world of love together, and that the expansion of our ego, the expansion of our ego, and the expansion of separation lead to destruction, and we will destroy ourselves or destroy the whole earth.

I may be saying something cheeky again, but I’m old too… Please forgive me.

To all of you all over the world


It is a tail ing.


These days, i often hear words such as “ascension” in many places.

I feel that the meaning is truly the age when humanity awakens to scientific unity.

The true meaning is that humanity is truly awakened, awakened, and realized. What? Scientifically, when this world is all united and the one-piece law shifts, it will surely destroy it, whether it be an individual or an organization, or all over the world.

When humanbeings realize and learn this, and wake up to the world of elementary particles, when they wake up to the scientific world, I do not feel that it is all due to the fact that we can create a wonderful world that is rich and truly successful and prosperous, aiming for a new and peaceful era, a period of love.

See you later.

2020.5.23 Recording

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